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Petroleum Oils
This range of Petroleum Oils is known for its standard viscosity level and advanced processing method. These lubricants have uniform consistency and specific gravity. Long storage life and precise composition are their main features.

Paraffin Wax
Available in colorless form, soft solid type Paraffin Wax contains twenty and forty carbon atoms of hydrocarbon molecules. This wax is odor free and it can endure specific high temperature. This wax is used as suitable anti cracking factor.
Chemical Compound
This range of Chemical Compounds is known for its accurate composition and stable chemical attributes. Based on their composition, these compounds are used as water soluble co solvents. Reasonable price is one of their main features.

Petroleum Jelly
Hydrocarbon based Petroleum Jelly is used as suitable skin application balm for its unique moisturizing property. White in appearance, it has standard thickness and density. Long shelf life is one of their main aspects.
Industrial Bitumen
This array of Industrial Bitumen is known for its excellent adhesive attribute and good plasticity level. This grade bitumen is required for manufacturing primer, adhesive and liquid roof coating materials.

Base Oil
Base Oils are required to formulate transformer lubricants and hydraulic oils. These ASTM grade liquid substances have maximum 88 gm/cc density. These oils are cost effective, bright in appearance and environment friendly.
Liquid Polymer
Liquid Polymer is an aromatic long chained substance which consist of a large number of molecules that are arranged in a repeated manner. They are resistant to cracking at high temperatures with a good hydrolytic property.

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